About Me 



I am a 40yr old mother of two beautiful daughters, a certified massage therapist and have 23 years experience in retail. I knew I would pursue a career as a writer and photographer, but my first desire was motherhood. Having my children young so I could explore with them was most important to me and has been more rewarding then I could ever express.

My children helped me to discover my true passions in life. Being able to see the world through a child's eyes is extraordinary. Photographing and journaling life allowed me to strengthen my eye for both subject and detail which I carried into my professional work.

Working in retail provided more then a extensive business education. I met wonderful people over the years who introduced me to different cultures, beliefs and philosophies. Through massage therapy I've been able to learn and witness first hand the miraculous benefits of alternative and holistic medicine.



Some may consider this path limited, I know it provided a more creative way to continually motivate myself to learn and explore life. It allowed me to realized my dream of sharing my unique point of view with others through photographs, creative jewelry and the written word.


Peace, light and joy,



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